Work with us

There are no positions open currently.

See individual job pages for information and how to apply. We do our best to respond to every applicant but it’s not always possible.


We accept interns for 3-5 month periods three times per year:

  • Feb-Apr (Applications open in December)
  • May-Jul (Applications open in March)
  • Sep-Nov (Applications open in July)

About XXIX

XXIX has been around for 6 years and we’ve been about four people for most of our existence. We believe that our best work is still in front of us, and we know that we need to work with the best people we can to get there.

We work with clients large and small, established and just starting out, on all different types of projects. The thing that unites all of the people we work with, though, is that they're smart, nice, and want to do good in the world.

We think that there are lots of models for what a design studio can be, which has resulted in our own projects like XXXI, @telier, and Small Victories. We have a studio in Berlin that you can go to, and we value a flexible and healthy work environment.

We’re complemented by our sister studio Sanctuary Computer, which specializes in software development and digital product design.

Pay and Benefits

XXIX is a refuge for designers. We value transparency, pay competitively, share annual profits, rarely work late or on weekends, offer full healthcare coverage, and value a diverse workplace. We select our clients based on the values they bring to the world and we will be a carbon-neutral business in 2020.